1. The RotCast Episode #177 - Skymall

    Hi ho, Dave here. I hosted this week’s show, ONCE AGAIN and might I say I STILL did a bang bang job.Enjoy, even though that by the end of the review you will unsubscribe and write us a nasty email! We’re terrible at this, you know. And by this I mean “life.” Oh, and no WTNF this week. :(



    • Skyfall (James = Yes, Dave = Not So Meh But We Were So Wishy Washy You Probably Hate Our Guts More Than When We Liked Prometheus.)

    Reel Talk

    TRAILERS: World War Z, Warm Bodies, Citadel

    Miscellaneous Media That We Have Consumed 

    • Dave: The Bay, Total Recall (Remake)
    • James: Last Days Here (Doc), Bull Durham

    No WTNF This Week ‘Cause James Is A Lazy American

    Full Runtime:  1hr 45min 12sec


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    1. Living Colour - Cult of Personality (4:32)
    2. James Holden vs. Ben Pound - Kaern (5:06)

    Segment 2 -Skyfall Review

    Music From the SkyFall OST including title track by Adele.

    Segment 3 - Reel Talk

    1. Don Diablo - Acceleration (8:15)
    2. DJ Tiësto - Lethal Industry (Radio Edit) (2:45)
    3. Chromium - Chrome (Remixed by Terra Ferma) (9:19)
    4. Vincent De Moor - Orion City (MC Hair Remix) (6:50)
    5. Rex Mundi - Sandstone (Original Mix Edit) (4:44)
    6. Matt Cerf vs. Eric Meza feat. Jaren - With Me (Lexwood dub mix) (7:01)
    7. Djane Housekat Feat. Rameez - My Party (2:59)

    Segment 4 - The MMC

    1. Ph Electro - Stereo Mexico (Ti-Mo Remix Edit) (3:40)
    2. David Redfiled Feat. Kool - Like that (Topmodelz Edit) (3:20)
    3. Above & Beyond - Far From In Love (Original Mix) (7:18)
    4. Above & Beyond - Far From In Love (San Francisco Mix) (8:12)
    5. Ayu - Connected (Ferry Corsten Remix) (6:37)
    6. Cortex Thrill - Phantasy (6:52)


    1. The Venture Bros. Closing Theme

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