1. The RotCast Episode #182 - Mommy

    Hi folks, Dave here. I had been lamenting for some weeks that it looked like nothing but crap was coming out this month. That in and of itself is really nothing new but last year we got some real gems in the form of The Grey and Chronicle right up front. Nothing was pinging my radar that made me feel 2013 would be so fortunate. Then we saw Mama. 


    • On the weekend of February 9-10, 2013 the most important episode of The RotCast Digital Deluxe Edition will be recorded. So epic in scope, we had to take out an insurance policy in case we didn’t come back alive. In the event of our untimely deaths, The RotCast will be hosted by two middle school boys from Clearwater, FL. We feel no one will know the difference. 


    • Mama (James - B+, Dave - A-)

    Reel Talk

    TRAILERS: Olympus Has Fallen, Knights of Badassdom, Dead Man Down

    Miscellaneous Media That We Have Consumed 

    • Dave: Jurassic Shark (An Andrew James Challenge), Archer S4, Bob’s Burgers S1, Resident Evil 6 Professional Run
    • James:Zero Dark Thirty (rewatch), Bones Brigade


    Full Runtime:  1hr 45min 35sec


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    1. Danzig - Mother (3:25)

    Segment 2 - Mama Review

    1. Music from the Mama Original Soundtrack

    Segment 3 - Reel Talk

    1. Xb & Linnea Schossow - Be My All (Lele Troniq & Fabio Xb Remix) (6:41)
    2. Ashley Nutton - Graviton (Dreamy Remix) (8:17)
    3. Masters & Nickson - Out There (5th Dimension) (Feat Justine Suissa) (9:05)
    4. Hidden Logic - Wasting (Feat Luminary-Ronski Speed Remix) (8:34)

    Segment 4 -The MMC

    1. Ian Solano - Midnight Closure (8:03)
    2. Under Sun Vs Signum - Captured (Sebastian Brandt Remix) (6:48)
    3. Active Sight - The Search for Freedom (8:32)
    4. Evan London - Supernova (7:23)


    1. Queensryche - Silent Lucidity (5:47)

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