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    The RotCast Episode #185 - The Last Alien Experiment Part Two

    Oh snap, it’s The RotCast, the show that gets told off while you’re being served on the dance floorOr something like that. All we know is no one is listening anymore so we can pretty much do and say whatever the hell we want. It was a good run for our podcast, but now we are in the Wild Wild West getting jiggy with movie news and reviews. Hoorah!  


    • I totes forgot what the films for DDE10 are. This is why I probably need a wife so I can write stuff down in her day planner. If you are desperate and single email me at dave@filmrot.com. Must love dogs, and also films. Would prefer if you played WoW as well. 


    • Dark Skies (James - B, Dave - C-)
    • The Last Exorcism Part Two (James - C, Dave - D)

    Reel Talk

    TRAILERS: Erased, The Conjuring

    Miscellaneous Media That We Have Consumed

    • Dave: Demon Kiss, Slender-man The Movie, Smiley
    • James: Jack the Giant Slayer, Life of Pi, Game of Thrones (S2)


    Full Runtime:  1hr 55min 53sec


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    1. Ice Cube ‘Bop Gun’ (5:13)
    2. Coheed and Cambria - Once Upon Your Dead Body (3:19)

    Segment 2 - Dark Skies and The Last Exorcism Part Two Reviews

    1. Dark Skies Trailer
    2. Music from Silent Hill 3

    Segment 3 - Reel Talk

    1. Markus Schulz - Nothing Without Me (Feat Ana Diaz-Extended Mix) (6:59)
    2. Antillas & Dankann - Evolution (Club Mix) (5:15)
    3. Planet Perfecto - Bullet in The Gun (Gary Maguire Remix) (7:47)
    4. Judge Jules - Phenomenology (Club Mix) (6:32)

    Segment 4 -The MMC

    1. Heatbeat - Chow Mein (Noah Neiman Remix) (6:47)
    2. Judge Jules - Phenomenology (Club Mix) (6:32)
    3. KhoMha - Dusk Riddles (Original Mix) (5:35)
    4. Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland - Muriwai (Max Graham Remix) (6:46)
    5. Fisherman & Hawkins - Apache (Original Mix) (8:00)


    1. Jimmy’s Chicken Shack - Do Right (2:53)

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