1. The RotCast Episode #205 - A Game To Kill For

    Some of you may know that I love video games and I have since I was around 6 years old, maybe sooner. Some of you may also know that for a couple of years I ran a gaming blog called eclecticgamer. There are happenings on the internet right now concerning the behavior of people both in and out of the gaming community. This is what is known as
    #gamergate. It is NOT a movement based on hate or misogyny or anything negative thing you’ve heard from hit pieces posted on mainstream websites. This is a movement that has been brewing for several years and has now come to a head. The first hour of this show consists of my thoughts on gamergate.

    Please understand that one thing I value the most in this life is friendship, so that was my basis for trying to understand how the indie game dev community and bloggers/journalists came to their nepotistic relationship. It’s their argument that friendships and romance are natural occurances within an industry. It’s our argument that such relationships distort the ability of lesser known developers to get their game recognized by a large audience. It is MY argument that divorcing themselves from “gamers” in an unprofessional and hostile way only serves to divide people and make them angry. #gamergate is the pushback to this divorce. You reap what you sow.


    • Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

    What We Watched
    Dave: As Above So Below, Divergent, Leprechaun: Origins (pre-review)
    James: Kristy, Orange is the New Black (S2)

    NXT Takeover: Fatal 4 Way chat

    Full Runtime:  1hr 53min 22sec


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    1. Coheed And Cambria - The Crowing (6:35)
    2. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Passion (Extended Mix) (6:43)
    3. Richard Durand - Blast (6:29)
    4. Sied Van Riel - Gravity (feat. Alicia Madison) (7:11)
    5. Audrey Gallagher - Say My Name (Original Mix) (7:52)
    6. Solarstone - Slowmotion III (7:53)
    7. Simon Templar - To the Stars (Pt. I) (7:57)
    8. Roger Shah - Hope (Original Mix) (6:20)
    9. Max Eden - Supernova (5:27)
    10. Andain - Beautiful Things (Fady & Mina Remix) (6:58)
    11. Dennis Sheperd - Bring You Home (Original Mix) [feat. Chloe Langley] (6:52)
    12. Ferry Corsten - Festival Crash (Original Mix) (5:40)
    13. Faruk Sabanci - Sphinx (7:02)
    14. Kheiro - When You’re Home (Original Mix) [feat. Danny Claire] (7:09)
    15. Alan Morris - Rebellion (Original Mix) (6:31)
    16. Will Atkinson - Victims (Original Mix) (8:57)
    17. Deftones - Gauze (4:41)

  2. The RotCast Episode #175 - Grave Rainbows Encountered

    In which we review the sequel to Grave Encounters and the weirdly off-putting Beyond the Black Rainbow, run down the first three posts on firstshowing.net, bury our new game and continue the greatest of our old one.


    • No Voting For DDE 6! More details on this show! Vote No For DDE 6!
    • Our second, and possibly last, entry into the Hetero Life-Mate Game.

    Review & Discussion

    • Grave Encounters 2 (James = Yes, Dave = Not So Meh, But Really For Fans Of The First One.)
    • Beyond the Black Rainbow (James = No, Dave = Meh)

    Reel Talk with Dave & James

    TRAILERS: Django Unchained (new trailer), The American Scream, Zero Dark Thirty

    Miscellaneous Media That We Have Consumed

    • Dave: Frankenweenie, CM Punk: Best In The World
    • James: Amazing Race Australia (S2), We Are Legion, Forbidden Planet

    What the NetFlix?!

    Full Runtime: 1hr 58min 15sec


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    1. King of My Castle - Wamdue Project feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn (2:33)
    2. Angel Of Death - Angel’s Return (6:55)
    3. Minimalistix - Close Cover (3:30)

    Segment 2 - Grave Encounters 2 Review

    1. Grave Encounters 2 Official Trailer (1:47)
    2. Art Of Trance - Madagascar 2002 (Push Remix) (7:56)
    3. Conjure One - Tears From The Moon (Hybrid’s Twisted On The Terrace Mix) (9:51)

    Segment 3 - Beyond The Black Rainbow Review

    Music From Jeremy Schmidt and Sinoia Caves

    Segment 4 - Reel Talk

    1. Thriller ( Pacha Dub mix) - Richard Grey (3:35)
    2. DJ Tiësto feat. Nicola Hitchcock - In My Memory (Gabriel & Dresden Elephant Memory Vocal) (9:10)
    3. Don Diablo - Cloud Nr9 (7:58)
    4. Rihanna Feat. Calvin Harris - We Found Love (Chuckie Extended Remix) (5:57)
    5. Leuchtturm Inkl. Sandberg - Leuchtturm (3:35)

    Segment 5 - The MMC

    1. Sem - Music is Moving (Club Edit) (3:34)
    2. Accuface - Pure Energy 2012 (Original High Energy Edit) (4:10)
    3. Halliday - Heartbroken (Empyre One Edit) (3:47)
    4. James Holden vs. Ben Pound - Kaern Turned (8:35)
    5. Lemon & Einar K - Tenacity (Original Mix) (7:58)


    1. Coheed and Cambria - The End Chapter- II- Radio Bye Bye (4:54)

  3. The RotCast Episode #174 - Froot Loopers

    In which we review the sci-fi time travel flick Looper and unveil a brand new game that leaves Dave shaken (but not stirred) which probably explains his poor performance in WTNF.


    • No Voting For DDE 6! More details on this show! Vote No For DDE 6!
    • Our new game, called The Hetero-Life Mate Game. (James’ title.)

    Review & Discussion

    • Looper (James=A Wishy Washy Yes, Dave=Not So Meh With TFR* qualifier)

    Reel Talk with Dave & James

    TRAILERS: Movie 43, A Good Day To Die Hard, The Lone Ranger

    Miscellaneous Media That We Have Consumed

    • Dave: Star Wars: The Old Republic (MMO), The Tall Man
    • James: Shame, Safe House, 321 Frankie Goes Boom

    What the NetFlix?!

    Full Runtime: 2hr 12min 23sec


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    1. Dishwalla - Counting Blue Cars (4:29)
    2. Ad Brown & Matt Lange feat. Kerry Leva - As The Rain Falls (Kerry Leva Remix) (8:11)

    Segment 2 - Looper Review

    Music from Looper - Score by Nathan Johnson

    Segment 3 - Reel Talk

    1. Kaskade Feat. Mindy Gledhill - Eyes (4:00)
    2. Pulsedriver Feat. Johnny Rose - Take it Home (3:05)
    3. DJ Tiësto - Lethal Industry (Mauro Picotto Remix) (7:48)
    4. Crystal Lake Vs. Manian - Faq (3:07)
    5. Miro - By Your Side (Ian Wilkie Mix) (8:19)
    6. Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Hitch Hiker & Dumondt Remix) (8:11)
    7. The Mackenzie feat. Jess - Trance Waves (5:16)

    Segment 4 - The MMC

    1. Dogzilla - Dogzilla (8:12)
    2. Planisphere - Teardrop (11:22)
    3. Afrojack & Shermanology - Can’t Stop Me (3:22)
    4. Yves Deruyter - Rave City (5:03)


    1. Incubus - Nice to Know You (4:48)

    * = Totally F**kin’ Rad

  4. Movie Games Mashup Mix - Or “The Game” by video artist Tasman Richardson, featuring clips from tons of flicks, most of which center on characters playing games.

    [via waxy]