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    The RotCast Episode #184 - A Bad Film to Take Pills

    We’re back after a DDE hiatus with the 184th installment of The Most Electrifying Yet Bland Podcast In All Of Sports Entertainment Today! Speaking of DDE9, this week’s freeper show sees the return of The Digital Deluxe Edition Trailer Edition, giving you a little sample of the gooey goodness gated behind a $2 paywall. 


    • The intro is just trying to be a better intro. My name is Dave. Bazinga. We have DDE10 mapped out but we'll reveal the movies next week.


    • Side Effects (James - B, Dave - B)
    • A Good Day to Die Hard (James - F, Dave - D-)

    Reel Talk

    TRAILERS: Room 237, 6 Souls (A/K/A Shelter), Two Mothers

    Miscellaneous Media That We Have Consumed

    • Dave: Rise of the Black Bat (A Checkpoint Challenge), The Dennis Devine Experience (Get the Girl, Don’t Look in the Cellar, Alice in Murderland), Aliens vs. Avatars, Silent Hill: Revelation, Dead Space 3 (PS3) 
    • James: Sound City (Doc), Beauty is Embarrassing (Doc), The Invisible War (Doc), The Impossible (Rewatch), Pitch Perfect


    Full Runtime:  2hr 06min 26sec


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    1. Bad Religion - Struck A Nerve (3:47)
    2. Coheed & Cambria - The Hard Sell (5:10)

    Segment 2 - Side Effects and A Good Day to Die Hard

    1. Side Effects Trailers
    2. Masashi Hamauzu - Final Fantasy XIII OST

    Segment 3 - Reel Talk

    1. Willem De Roo - Datamoon (7:12)
    2. Ayda - Legend (8:39)
    3. DJ Wad - Reincarnation (6:16)
    4. Artur K & Martin Sand - Never (Mdk Remix) (7:33)

    Segment 4 -The MMC

    1. Artur K & Martin Sand - Never (Mdk Remix) (7:33)
    2. Skaivox - Motion Shift (7:55)
    3. Andrew Stets - War Will Never Come (6:55)
    4. Farid - Skylines (Mike Danis Remix) (6:44)
    5. Biokinetix - Ready To Transforme (0:54)
    6. Biokinetix - Autobot (6:27)


    1. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - You’re Not Here (3:46)